Mairi. Pronounced Maaaree: emphasis on the “a” sound – the scottish ‘a” sound, not the English or American “a” sound. Or delete the first i. That seems to solve pronunciation problems!

Why blog? Well, I love writing, I love documenting things I see, do, photograph, observe, places I visit.  The world through my eyes I guess.

My kinda words – quirkiness, creativity, art, photography, motorbikes, retro, tattoos, books, intellectuality, architecture,  Kerouac, laughter, words, smiles, truth, JD, nerds, poetry….

Facts: Went on a night out in the UK and ended up on a beach in France
My IQ is in the top 1% of UK population (not related to Fact 1 in any way..)
I’ve run the London Marathon
Book obsessive
Can drink a lot of people under the table…
People who are passionate about what they do… love seeing that come across

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